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"When Flipping Turns to Flopping"
What is Flipping?
With a very active real estate market, and seemingly endless increases in pricing, many people jumped in to the real estate market to realize that investor’s dream – “buy low, sell high” – quickly. That’s a “flip”. Many properties needed little or no work to make them ready for resale – the buyer just happened to be at the right place at the right time to take advantage of a good deal. And it felt really good because real estate can be seen and touched and cleaned up. Real estate took over from the once-hot stock market as the new key to quick profits. Or had it? ....

Humor for Columns,

"Weebles Wobble, but They Don't Fall Down"
In a joint report, the U.S. Public Interest Research Group and the Consumer Federation of America are urging government to improve playground safety. It seems that children are hurting themselves at playgrounds....
It occurred to me that kids are always falling down or hitting something.....But we cannot provide enough padding for every hard surface in the world or make everything set flat on the ground. Besides, what do you call a swing that just lays there on the ground? Two ropes and board? Doesn't sound very exciting, even to me.
So, let's try another approach: Re-engineer the kids instead of trying to change all of the things that they come in contact with. Make them roll with the punches, so to speak. As I editorialized on the article, my wife's memory put it all together. She said, "Like Weebles."

and Prose for the Mind and Heart.

The highway is a friend of mine.
It listens silently to my prose:
endless thoughts and ranting shouts,
exciting dreams and personal doubts.

The ribbon encircles a gift:
a gift of time to meditate
without the world to mediate.

Time alone, time together
for unspoken conversations:
Soliloquies -- on love and justice.